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Founder & Mentor

There is no better than job in life than helping others to achieve their dreams

Being a mentor means to have co-founder like attachment with the startup. You need not only to be the most skilled and knowledgable in the team but also nurture a strong passion for the business and show high emotional stability.

After having founded 3 startups and helped more than 400 of them to identify a sustainable business model, I have understood the ingredients that can make a team successful. I am now ready to share them with all those who want to be come startup mentors.

The mentorship program


What you will learn

1) Lean Startup: how does it really work, what there was before and there will be after it

2) Idea generation: the characteristics that make a better startup idea.


3) Business model: 4 steps of validation. Market, Problem, Offer, Solution validation

4) Three real case studies: B2C, B2B, Marketplace

5) Startup Metrics: the Key Metrics for different business modes. Examples.

6) Traction: the numbers a startup needs to show for pre-seed and seed investment

7) Investors: financial plan, pitch deck and startup valuation. Best practices.

8) Team dynamics: the 3 tests that strengthen team cohesion and performance.

9) Startups and corporates: examples of collaborations. How to integrate a startup in the open innovation context of corporates.

10) Startup Ecosystems: differences among the main european capitals and the main players in this sector.

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25-26th of May 2019

A full-immersion weekend in the world of startups

Max. Participants: 20

Language: ENG

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